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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'Demetamal Vihare', Buththala, Sri Lanka, it's place in history.

Tissa and Dutugamini sons of Kavan Tissa, 2nd Century BC, fought two battles at 'Yudaganaava', near Butthala, Sri Lanka, on the plains of Uva. Tissa won the first battle, Gamini losing nearly 30,000 soldiers.
Tissa was defeated in the second battle at Yudaganaawa near Butthala, on a contest of single-man combat with Gamini and was pursued by Gamini.. 
‘Tissa took shelter among the monks, whilst Gemunu kept up the pursuit and watched at the Vihare entrance. The monks having seen Gemunu pursuing Tissa, when the latter took shelter among them, those who were sitting stood up and those who were standing sat down. When Gemunu asked them “My Lords where is Tissa who has just come here?” they answered, “We have not seen him either sitting or standing”. The monks bore out Tissa as if they carried a dead monk swathed in yellow robes, and Gemunu having perceived it said, “There goes Tissa, a powerless body on the shoulders of monks:” and taking with him the elephant Kadol and his mother repaired to the city of Magama.” – A translation from the Sri Lankan historical narrative 'RAJAVALIYA' - 'The line of Kings'.


Renovated building, Demetamal Vihare, Butthala,Sri Lanka.