Wednesday, August 28, 2013

'Paththini Dewale', Nawagamuwa, Sri Lanka.

'Paththini Dewale' - seen from a ditance 

'Paththini Dewale'

' Shri Vishnu Dewale'

'Dhadimundha Dewale'
It is recorded in the Tamil Kavya 'Silappadhikaaram' written around the 2nd Century AD, that at the ceremonial opening of a temple for the Goddess 'Kannaki - Paththini' in present day Kerala, 'Kayavaahu mannan' (presumably King Gajabahu) from Sri Lanka was an honored guest. He returned to Sri Lanka bearing a 'Sacred Anklet jewel' and established a temple at Nawagamuwa on the bank of the Kelani Ganga. He brought in nine different castes of families and settled them each caste in a village surrounding the temple, to service the temple. The term 'Nawagamuwa' meaning nine villages dates from that time. The worship of 'Paththini' spread Island wide.