Saturday, May 10, 2014

Entering Katharagama from the Sithulpawwa side, Sri Lanka.

A dear tree as an ornament.

A Buddhist monastery complex.

Just outside Katharagama.

Inside Katharagama.
Sights on entry from Tissa end, stay the night at Sithulpawwa and exit via Katharagama. Please click on web-link below:-

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sights, Sithulpawwa, Sri .Lanka

Ruins of an ancient building.

The beauty of a tree.

A family of Elks ( 'Goena' S - 'Marai' T) roaming free in the monastery.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sights of Sithulpawwa, Sri Lanka.

A sylvan pool.


The beauty of a vine.

Distant hill an adobe of  Buddhist meditators and 'Arahants' in the past for millennia.
Sithulpawwa as a Buddhist monastery dates back 2200 years before the present era. Even now elephants, leopards, bears and wild buffaloas roam the area.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Watching Dolphins and Whales, taking off from Galle, Sri Lanka.

The air-conditioned water-jet liner, 'The Princess of Lanka' at the Galle Fisheries harbor.

Seating accomodation in the air-conditioned area.


Going onto the deck to watch the Dolphins and Whales.

'There she blows' - Spotting a whale.

A 'Blue Whale'

A boat from Mirissa carrying tourists.

It was a superb service with safety and courtesy managed by the Sri Lankan Navy. The ticket of Rs.3500/- included a breakfast. Bookings had to be done in advance. Embarkation was from the Fisheries Harbour, Galle. There was enough parking space for the 200 odd passengers vehicles. We left the pier at 7.15 am and were back at 2.15 pm. It was a smooth ride in the air-conditioned interior in the water-jet propelled cruise liner. I took the precaution of taking 'Avomine' tablets. Quite a few passengers vomited. The service personnel provided polythene bags to the affected passengers. Once on the way we came out on a well protected deck. Our cameras worked overtime once the Dolphins and Whales were spotted. We saw tourist from Mirissa at the place where the whales were spotted.
I recalled the day in the early 1950s when the first ship presented to the Royal Ceylon Navy, by the British Government, a mine-sweeper renamed H.M.Cy.S Wijaya, paid a courtesy call at Point-Pedro. I was a student at Hartley College and we were invited to visit the ship. We went in a 'Vallam' and boarded the ship. It made us proud to be part of the newly independent Ceylon. The ship had the same 'spit and polish' that the 'Princess of Lanka' has now. The sailors showed us round and we returned to shore happy.
We congratulate the Sri Lankan Navy on a job done with excellence.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sithulpawwa, Sri Lanka.

An ant-hill near the road.

The 'Chaithya' on a hill-top.

A sunset at Sithulpawwa.
Bougainvillas blooming in the parking area.
A historic site more than 2200 years old, Sithulpawwa in the south of Sri Lanka, borders the Ruhuna National Park. The constant cry of pea-cocks adds to the solitude.