Sunday, July 22, 2012

'King coconut' and 'Kurumba', Sri Lanka.

'King Coconut', 'Ran Thambili - S, 'Sevvilani' - T, loaded onto a 'Tata Dimo Batta' to take to the market.
Young coconut, 'Thambili' - S, 'Kurumbai' - T
The King-coconut has a lovely golden color. A similar skin color is taken as the epitome of beauty in a damsel among the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka. ' Ran-Ethana', 'Ran tikiri sinaa' are among the many epithets using this similarity. Even after the advent of Pepsi and Cola the drink from a King-coconut is still favoured in Sri Lanka. The picture below shows an unripe coconut. This is known as 'Kurumba'. The drink from this is also tasty but not as popular as the drink from the king-coconut.