Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Kandyan wedding - 'Customs'

The wearing of the engagement rings.

The wearing of the 'Thaella'.

The bride-groom's present to the mother of the bride.
The mother of the bride receiving the gift with reverence.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Stages in a Kandyan wedding ceremony, Sri Lanka. - 'Handing over the bride'

Remembering the ancestors ('Hathmuthu paramparawa S - Seven generations back)

The father of the bride tying the little fingers of the bride and groom with a thread.

The father of the bride pouring water over the tied fingers donating the bride to the father of the groom.

And so they remain tied by the thread till the auspicious hour a few minutes away.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stages in a Kandyan wedding ceremony, Kandy, Sri Lanka - The 'Poruwa'

The 'Poruwa' where the Bride and Groom will be made to stand during the auspicious time.

The coconut awaiting to be broken when the couple step down from the 'Poruwa'.

The Conch being blown to announce the auspicious time.

Drums being beaten when the couple ascend the 'Poruwa'.
The custom of ascending the 'Poruwa' is related by Robert Knox the English prisoner, in his Journal written about the customs in the Kandyan Kingdom of the 15th Century AD.

A wedding in Kandy, Sri Lanka - 'The welcome'

The wecome arch of flowers with the 'full pots' on either side.

The drummers and dancers escorting the bride to the 'Poruwa'.

A dancer holding a conch shell.

The 'Master of ceremonies' near the 'Poruwa". The person who recites the 'Ashtaka'.
The traditions in a Kandyan Wedding are many. These pictures are snaps I took of the various items of interest in a wedding in May 2013.