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Friday, November 13, 2015

St Claires Tea Estate, Hatton, Sri Lanka.

Tea centre, St Claires Estate. Place to watch Devon water fall.

Work going on at the Upper Kothmale Dam - photo taken 2007

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lush green valley, Pathana, Hatton, Sri Lanka.

A lush green valley with the water from St.Claire's falls flowing at the bottom of it make this place look like Paradise. The cold air with the frequent mist adds to the enchantment here. The Arab visitors to Adam's Peak, of more than a thousand years ago, said that you could hear the 'sound of the Fountains of Paradise' in Sri Lanka. The renowned author Arthur C Clark wrote a science fiction titled 'The Fountains of Paradise' basing the story in Sri Lanka.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Devon falls, Pathana, Hatton, Sri Lanka.

Situated close to the Hatton - Thalawakele road this is a most beautiful sight.
Experiences of my batch-mate Buddy Reid at this site.
Hello Phillip,
I am no photographer, but I too started with a box camera belonging to someone else on a trip to Nuwara Eliya in 1955. I nearly lost my life as a result. I wanted to take a picture of the water falling downwards from the top of Devon Falls. I went close to the edge and slipped on the wet rock. I was sliding downwards almost at the edge when I saw a clump of grass about one foot in diameter.  I managed to grab it with my left hand and fortunately for me it did not break off at the roots.
 The box camera flew out of my right hand, across my body to the left and landed near a pool in the rock. I carefully went on all fours and retrieved it as it was worth more than my life, by which I really mean that my life would not have been worth living if I had lost my friend's expensive camera.

Hello Phillip,
Thanks for the photograph of Devon Falls which adds drama to the story. You can see the road at the back, curving to the right end of the picture. I got off the car at the right end of your picture and walked down the pathway that you see, running at about a 20 degree angle from the road to the top of the falls. I slipped on the very limited area of rock between the end of the path and the top of the falls (the left side of the falls which is the right side of the photograph as you face the photograph). As you can see, it is a sheer drop. We did silly things when we were young. I wonder whether any of our batch-mates have done things which beat this for lunacy or had near death experiences. Please don't let my grandchildren know about this. I don't even let them climb up the side of their bunk bed.

Click on the web-link below to watch a video-clip of this:-

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A jungle stream and bridge over it.

Jungle stream and bridge over it on the Ginigathena - Hatton road. The constant rain and mist keeps these streams running. A severe drought brings them down to a trickle.